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Field Of Nightmares Radio, FONR


FONR – Our Current “On Air” Show


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Let us be your ROAD RAGE deterrent!

Enjoy a happy ride home!

3 PM to 7 PM Central

The Drive Home with Dante

3 PM – 7 pm CST

Let Dante spin some great drivin’  back-road/freeway music so you don’t flip off that creep who is going 30 miles an hour in the damn left lane. WTF?

I digress.

Drive Home with Dante, call in and tell that goof what you think of him and/or her!

Dante will spin some of the newest submissions by bands and musicians from all over the world.

If It's Great Indie, Dante is playing it


7 pm to 12 midnight Monday through Saturday

Music That Doesn’t Suck!

7 PM – 12 Midnight Monday through Saturday

The newest – latest music just received from our musicians!

No Justin, Miley or Ronson. EVER!


Country Folk Radio

Old Friends Radio